Serve Magazine from Concordia Plan Services Winter 2017 - Page 7

someone who doesn’t have insurance. We were very lucky to have such great financial support.” Cautiously Optimistic After all the side effects and all the trips to hospitals for treatments, Boyce was relieved to hear her chemother- apy worked. After her sixth round, the tumor was gone, and all that was left was the residual footprint, which needed to be surgically removed. Boyce still has a long road to recov- ery ahead of her. She will now need to undergo approximately 36 rounds of radiation, a year of treatments/ blockers and countless appointments with doctors. She’ll also need to have scans periodically to see if any of the cancer has returned. “That’s the hardest part, the scans and the waiting. You just worry that they’re going to look at it (the scan) and you’ll light up like a Christmas tree.” This form of cancer has a high risk of returning and can reoccur anywhere in the body. “I’m not cancer free — I’m in remission. I’ll never be declared cancer free.” With all that Boyce has gone through, she’d like to support others undergoing cancer treatments. “I definitely want to do something for other cancer patients, but I don’t know what yet. I think about how incredibly fortunate I was, but I know there are a lot of other cancer patients who don’t have much family or don’t have the benefits and insurance that I had, and I want to be able to help them. Maybe donating scarves, volun- teering at Siteman or doing one of the walks. I don’t know how yet, but I want to give back.” Boyce is also participating in a clin- ical study for her treatments. She understands how important cancer research is, as the drug that ultimately saved her life was just approved in 2014. For now, Boyce is thankful to be back at work and the sense of normalcy that it provides. She missed her co-workers, the work itself and the sense of community. “Everything we do at Concordia Plans Services is for the workers and the employers,” which helps Boyce feel rewarded in her work. “It’s all about less stress on them, so that they can serve and continue their mission. I work on the back end of things, the programming, so if there is an exception that has to be made or a problem, it’s not about how long it takes to fix it — it’s about doing what’s best for the worker or employer. It’s about what’s best for them. Everything we (CPS) do is based on faith.” Our Promise to Each Other We all make a promise — to care for the pastors, teachers and church workers who serve, as well as our families and ourselves, so that the W ord of God continues to spread. Your Concordia Plan Services Community assists you in keeping that promise. | Serve 7