Serve Magazine from Concordia Plan Services Winter 2017 - Page 18

News You Need LifeSuite Services Sweeten CDSP Benefits Concordia Plan Services partners with Securian (Minnesota Life) to administer the survivor benefits of the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan. In addition to providing benefits administration, Securian provides CDSP members with access to several free and confidential resources through their LifeSuite services. Legal, Financial and Grief Support | (877) 849-6034 An array of resources is available to help CDSP members with life’s most common and sometimes stressful situ- ations. Members can receive unlimited telephonic guidance and consultation from professionals trained in legal, financial and grief matters. In addition, the website offers comprehensive tools and resources such as: • The Calm Room. Stress-relieving podcasts and other resources, includ- ing exercises like breath awareness, progressive muscle relaxation and visualization, are available to help reduce stress and control anxiety. • Legal Resources. Legal consult- ing services, including a 30-minute consultation with an attorney for each unique legal issue is available. A legal library filled with various resources is also available. Features include articles, FAQs, guides, forms, documents, an online will drafting tool and more! • Support. Assistance with balancing the dynamics associated with life, work, family, parenting, helping older relatives, etc., is provided to help meet members’ needs. • Financial Resources. Tools are offered to help members with money matters, including budgeting, debt management, preparing for financial emergencies, home buying or rent- ing, and taxes. To access the LifeWorks website, the username (lfg) and password (resources) are required. 18 Serve | Travel Assistance | (855) 516- 5433 (United States and Canada) CDSP members can receive services 24/7/365 when they travel more than 100 miles from home, whether it’s personal or business travel. Some of the services provided include assistance with: • Locating medical service providers • Replacing lost or stolen luggage, medication and other essentials • Evacuating due to a medical or secu- rity emergency • Arranging for medically necessary repatriation • Coordinating the repatriation of mortal remains Members needing access to services from outside the United States or Canada should call (415) 484-4677. preparation helps alleviate some stress for your loved ones. • Important Directives. Items like a living will, your last will and testa- ment, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney help ensure your wishes are known and followed. • Estate Planning. Considerations include setting up a trust for your heirs and/or charities, reducing the tax impact on your estate, continu- ing care for a family member with special needs, and avoiding the probate process. Securian has provided CPS with a flyer that contains the contact information and a convenient punch-out wallet card for the Travel Assistance services. Members can request a copy be mailed to their homes by calling CPS at (888) 927-7526 or emailing info@ Legacy Planning Thinking about end-of-life matters can be daunting, but information and resources are available to help CDSP members work through common issues to make the process easier for them- selves and their loved ones. Topics include: • End-of-Life Planning. Organization is key to helping loved ones locate important documents and key contacts. Review your life insurance and ensure beneficiary designations are up-to-date. • Final Arrangements. Document your wishes regarding the funeral and memorial service. Advance The LCMS Foundation also offers the services of Lutheran gift plan- ners to help with estate planning. These professionals understand the importance of Biblical, Christ- centered stewardship when making financial decisions and can help you establish a plan to provide for your family or support a ministry. To learn more about the services of the LCMS Foundation, visit or call (800) 325-7912.