Serve Magazine from Concordia Plan Services Winter 2017 - Page 17

Consuelo Medina Jessica Burns Martha Evans Consuelo is a mom to three very young boys: a two-year-old and one-year-old twins. To say she has two full-time jobs is an understatement! She speaks fluent Spanish and has been with CPS for nearly nine years. Her time with family is centered around food and fun, as she loves to cook and play board games. Her favorite board game? Taboo. Jessica owns a 1910 craftsman-style home, so when she’s not assisting members and employers at CPS (her job for the last year), she’s renovating! She loves all things vintage, but her obsession is pre-1960s kitchenware. And when she’s not renovating, she sews, quilts and spends time with her niece and nephew. Martha is CPS’ resident beekeeper and honey producer. She started beekeep- ing eight years ago, about the same time she started working at CPS. Her honeybees make some of the most delicious honey! Besides beekeeping, Martha is an avid walker, runner and bicyclist. It’s no wonder that she loves being outdoors. Miriam Herrara Nicole Rice Stephanie Jones Miriam has been serving CPS members and employers for two years. While she has recently taken up running and enjoys reading, one of her favorite pastimes is sketching. Miriam has been known to paint murals in friends’ homes (mostly kids’ bedrooms) as well as sketch canvassed art designs. In addi- tion to sketching, she likes to cook with her youngest son, whom she refers to as her sous chef. In between taking care of her three children and serving members at CPS (something she has done for the past year), Nicole likes to give old things new life! She loves old houses and renovation. Nicole is now setting her sights on learning how to refinish wood furniture. She also finds photography very interesting and wants to spend more time learning about the camera. Wherever Stephanie lives or travels, she loves immersing herself in the local culture and learning all she can from the locals! Residing in St. Louis, she has assigned herself the mission of finding the best coffee and pizza the area has to offer. Before coming to St. Louis three years ago, Stephanie and her husband served as missionaries. | Serve 17