Serve Magazine from Concordia Plan Services Winter 2017 - Page 16

Behind the Scenes Customer Care When you’re communicating with someone via the phone or email whom you’ve never met in person, do you ever wonder what they look like or who they really are? The Customer Care Team at Concordia Plan Services speaks with numerous members every week, answer- ing their questions and supporting their needs. In some cases, the team has come to know some of our members very well. For example, take team representative Jeanell Grandberry. She built such a rapport with a member that when the member came to St. Louis, she and her husband made it a point to visit Jeanell! Their friendship began with one phone call about a health benefit question. So here’s your chance to get to know your Customer Care Team a little better. Karen Gonzalez Jeanell Grandberry Jennifer Hunt Karen has been with CPS for 31 years, and she enjoys interacting with our members and employ- ers. When she’s not managing the Customer Care Team, she and her husband enjoy taking road trips and cooking for their large family (five grown children and eight grandchil- dren). Her family has dubbed her the “Pioneer Woman” because she loves to cook! And one last thing — she speaks fluent Spanish. On top of being a mother of two and a grandmother of two, Jeanell is a surrogate mother and grandmother to many! She is very active in her commu- nity and her church, where most of her time is spent working with the youth group. When she’s not volunteering, Jeanell uses her time crafting, such as making deco mesh wreaths and other items for friends, family members and her church. Jeanell has been with CPS for 17 years. Jennifer has three fur babies that she adores: Maggie Moo (a French bulldog) and Allie and Chico (both cats). When she’s not spending time with them and her husband of 12 years, she’s hang- ing out with her nephews and nieces. Jennifer enjoys spending time catching a movie at the theater and reading. Her favorite movie? “Gone With the Wind.” Her favorite book series? “The Hunger Games.” Jennifer has been with CPS for 15 years. 16 Serve |