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What used to be known as a simple , fun activity for kids now is a tool for practicing good mental health . Coloring has increased in popularity recently , especially for adults .
Coloring is a healthy way to relieve stress . It calms the brain and helps your body relax . This can improve sleep and fatigue while decreasing body aches , heart rate , respiration , and feelings of depression and anxiety .
Although coloring isn ’ t the ultimate cure for stress and anxiety , sitting down for a long coloring session holds great value . As you color , pay attention to your breathing rhythm , ensuring steady , full breaths from your diaphragm , and tune into your heart rate periodically if you can .
https :// www . mayoclinichealthsystem . org / hometown-health / speaking-ofhealth / coloring-is-good-for-yourhealth
PEPPERBERRY COLORING MURALS Who knew coloring on the walls would be so much fun ?? The Pepperberry Suites is doing just that on giant coloring murals hanging on the walls . A box of coloring tools wait patiently for a resident or staff member to add a little color to a section of the mural when they have a spare moment . It might be to color in a petal or leaf , or as much as you ’ d like . This community coloring project allows us the opportunity to relieve a little stress with coloring therapy as well as creating a beautiful work of art with many styles and ideas throughout the mural . If you are at the Pepperberry Suites , feel free to add your artistic talent or your brilliant color scheme to our art piece ! Watch for our progress and finished project !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Wishing you another year full of blessings !
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