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WIFI Air Fibre Connection - San Lameer Mast

Good day All Homeowners
Herewith information that allows you to connect your villa with our WIFI tower if you wish . If you want to get WIFI for your villa please note that you can only connect now if your villa has direct line of sight on the lattice tower next to the Vodacom tower at " The Heuwel ". This line of sight can be from anywhere at your villa including the roof top .
If your villa does not have a direct line of sight , you can report it to me and we can determine where our next tower should be .
Below the links to the following documents for your attention :
1 . Venture-Net A document from Venture-Net with the various packages ( 10mb , 20mb speed , etc .) offered . You can make contact directly .
2 . Key Computers or SCT Group Two proposals from two different companies that can install the hardware that connects the mast to the tower . Both can be made contact with for a specialised quote and it is the owner ' s choice of whom you ultimately choose to install with .

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Venture-Net Packages & Details Key Computers Hardware Installation

SCT Group Hardware Installation