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2020 / 2021 Levy & Golf Membership

2020 / 2021 LEVY The levy letters have by now been sent out to all homeowners . Please contact Chamay Wright – chamay @ sanlameer . co . za if you have not received this letter .
Your Board of Directors has approved the budget for the ensuing financial year from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021 . The Board has managed to limit the overall average levy increase to 3.1 %, which was achieved by recommending a well-balanced budget and successful negotiations with our outside service providers in the areas of security , gardens and grounds and golf course maintenance .
Please be reminded that the general levy covers , among others , the following expenses : administration , estate reception , security , gardens & grounds of the entire estate , maintenance of common property , infrastructure ( water , sanitation , roads , buildings , cascades , lagoon , etc .) and amenities ( bowling green , tennis and squash courts , swimming pool , walking trails , fishing dam , Mashie course , golf course , clubhouse etc .). In terms of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act , the CSOS levy for
2020 / 2021 financial year will be R40 per month . This is in addition to your monthly levy and , as before , will be reflected separately on your levy statement .
2020 / 2021 Golf Membership It is also the time of the year where the HOA members may choose to change their golf membership status . That is , for single owner villas whether they choose to take up a family membership or to select the optional pre-paid membership – or even to combine both and select a prepaid family membership package .
For multiple-owner villas it is the time to decide who the nominated member st will be for the year starting on the 1 of October . From there the same options on family and / or pre-paid membership is available .
Kindly consider the options and advise by return email of your choice , providing the following minimum information as well as your selected option ( s ).
Please click on the link for full details and procedures :
Golf Membership Letter 2020 / 2021
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