September 2020 | Page 12

Spring Ready Skin - Detox Your Complexion
BALANCE YOUR DIGESTION The first step to your Spring detox is getting your digestion back in check . The solution to balancing your digestive tract is simple : water , fibre and probiotics - all three help promote friendly bacteria in the colon and flush the system of toxins .
LOWER YOUR SUGAR INTAKE Also look at lowering your sugar intake , if consumed in excess , an over indulgence of sugar may cause non-alcohol fatty liver disease which disrupts the body ' s natural metabolic and detoxification process . A high intake of processed sugar has also been linked to the prevalence of dark circles , wrinkles , dehydrated skin and can fast track the ageing process . By limiting or reducing your sugar intake , you will benefit from improved health and a glowing complexion .
NEXT , PREPARE YOUR SKIN Exfoliation is one of the most essential elements of a skincare routine .
Besides shifting dead skin cells , exfoliation can be the key to keeping the skin soft , glowing and healthy by boosting circulation , stimulating skin cell renewal and being able to better absorb moisture , hydration and other targeted skincare products .
Once your skin is properly exfoliated , the next step is hydration . Use a moisturiser that features natural ingredients which can be quickly absorbed into your skin , as that ' s the best option to keep your skin nourished and hydrated . Note that breakouts are often a part of the season change . Consider switching to a lighter moisturiser and cleanse your skin thoroughly both in the morning and before bedtime .
Last but certainly not least , make sure not to skip using sunscreen under any circumstances . Always use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher on a daily basis .
Chat to your therapist in-spa for advice on your skin and body care routine , to ensure great skincare going forward .

Monya Ashburner Spa Manager

Although certain restrictions still remain in place , the eagerly anticipated move to level 1 , most certainly is a welcome relief to all .
Bearing this in mind and with spring still in the air , we are pleased to announce that we have extended our current promotional offerings to run until the end of October 2020 .
These offerings include the following services :
Deep Clean
20 % Discount
Full Day Daily Services
15 % Discount
Window Cleaning
15 % Discount
The sanitizing of villas is an additional service which was also been introduced for an added peace of mind .
We are close to that time of the year whereby our annual increase will be addressed . These increases will be communication in due course .
We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your continued loyalty and look forward to your continued support .

Julian Kevany General Manager