September 2020 Vol. 4 No. 9 | Page 3

WHAT WE HAVE THIS MONTH Our Cover Despite Guam’s initial success in curbing the pandemic, Covid-19 is now spreading like never before Economy Food security concerns prompt Guam, CNMI to revisit the farming-fishing industry Technology $1.25 Parenting reboot: Raising children in the digital age VOL. 4 GUAM • PALAU CNMI • FSM NO. 9 SEPTEMBER 2020 THE SECOND WAVE The second wave and the worst is yet to come 16-18 Covid-19 takes its toll on economy 19 From the Publisher’s Desk The social contract 4 Insights* Views from the Trench: Celebrating women’s vote 6 Yo Amti: The virus, the enemy 7 Variations: Martial law, almost five decades ago 8 Retired, rehired: Having their cake and eating it, too 9 Military Culture, environment and other recurring issues 11 Economy What lands and waters have to offer 13 Technology Tides: Parenting 2.0 20 Just a Byte: What 5G can do 21 Around the Pacific In Majuro, 22 classes kept going Chuukese perspective: Stranded in limbo 24 What drives the Compact negotiations in FAS? 25 Philippines Cha-cha: the political dance 26 Life Lessons: ‘The buck stops here’ 27 Human survival amid Covid explosion 28 Daydream: Disrupted plans, beginning and endings 29 Furry Times Ask the vet: Symptoms of parvovirus 29 Travel Wardrobe malfunction 30 *Opinions expressed by columnists are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Pacific Island Times.