Sepa360 Newsletter No2

Supporting Educators ’ Pedagogical Activities with 360 Video

Our Latest Past Events

University of Florence
In May 2021 , the 360 video lab of the Faculty of Agricultural Studies was launched . The SEPA Digital Champions from University of Florence equipped the ICT lab at the faculty with all devices needed for immersive teaching and learning .
On 21st of May the official launch took place with the Dean of the Department , the President of the School , the ICT Center , and other colleagues using the equipment and testing 360-degree video from Vivista .
PXL organized and held a series of meetings with local stakeholders such as Faros , Police LRH , Mosa-RT and Hasselt University to present the SEPA360 project and a demo of Vivista . Furthermore , PXL organized events for higher education teachers , secondary school teachers and decision makers to introduce the SEPA 360 project and the Vivista software .
In March and April 2021 , PXL launched the description of Vivista . The press releases can be found at https :// vrindeklas . be / downloads / lerend-netwerk-sessie-2-vivista / and https :// cosmo . kuleuvenkulak . be /? p = 946