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Pieter & Tshepo GENERAL IN SHORT 110 birthday thank yous from Senwes Scenario Producing more on less really becomes an issue and with an ever-increasing popula­t­ ion we need to find ways to produce bigger yields on less land. Water is also a scarce resource as we’ve found out on Nation in Conversation @ Nampo Harvest Day 2019. CEO of Water Shortage SA, Benoit Le Roy, said: “I am not an alarmist, but we have a catastrophe second to none on our hands regarding water. Thus, to use resources more effectively on less land is the future. And if you know that 60% of water is used by agriculture, we must get farmers in another mindset regarding water.” JANSE RABIE THE HISTORY OF THE POTATO Agropa Handels GmbH in Germany Potatoes date back at least 7 000 years. During the 2019 Senwes #forthefarmers cam- paign, where we focused on different com- modities, we started with a red meat barbe- que, followed by chicken, dairy products and potatoes. During the potato leg we found out more about the history of potatoes. ‶ What we know is that the potato began in Peru, where it fed the Inca empire and residents of the Andean Altiplano going back at least 7 000 years. The region still has the highest potato diversity in the world, and even has an ancient method for freeze-dry- ing spuds, which are then called chunos, in the cold air of high-altitude ″ nights. In the previous Senwes Scenario edition a number of agri-companies congratula­ted Senwes on its 110th birthday. Thank you very much to all advertisers and va­lued agricultural partners. A special thank you to advertisers who congratulated Senwes in their own ad- vertisements, such as Coopers, Dekalb, John Deere, Lawen Star, Omnia, Pannar, Peritum Agri Instituut, Premier, Santam, Voermol and internal Senwes divisions. Your messages really touched us - from congratulatory messages to references to our reliable service, and the fact that we are all partners. We would also like to con- gratulate each one of you celebrating your own milestones. You were in 9 500 printed copies and re- ceived free coverage in our online editions. e ... h t e a n i i V apev Gr Agri SA Head: Natural Resources Agri SA launched a legal action relating to shale gas in the Pretoria High Court against the granting of environmental authorisation and exploration rights for shale gas to Rhino Oil & Gas. ‶ Without the necessary satisfactory define you...what you do with it and information regarding the availability and treatment of water to maintain a hydraulic fracking and shale gas industry in South Africa, Agri SA cannot support the government's apparent appetite for a gas indus- try in this country. South Africa is a country where water is a very scarce resource. Agri SA is of the opinion that the government is not nearly careful enough when it comes to the possible impact of shale gas explo- about it, is who you are. ration. FRANCOIS STRYDOM Senwes Group CEO During the Hinterland branch managers’ conference held in Parys. ‶ Your circumstances in life, your gender, race...these things don't ″ ″ ‶ Agbiz specifically welcomes the amalgamation of the Ministry of Agriculture with the Ministry of Rural Development and Land Reform, and with the appointment of Ms Thoko Didiza as the new Minister to lead the executive in this portfolio. ″ – JOHN PURCHASE – CEO Agbiz • On the new cabinet announced by Pres Cyril Ramaphosa. SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2019 03