Senwes Scenario June / July 2019 - Page 27

PRODUCER FOCUS In the fields! Senwes producer Johan Myburgh with Deodé Wilson and Rohan Coetzee. Tractor driver Michael Manoni, on the farm with the new John Deere 8345 RT. senting their 22nd auction since 1996 on 25 September 2019. He is particularly excited about the difference made by Johan and Kingsheath, in which the total community can share. The fact that they won two titles 10 years apart, speaks of the good quality of the stud: In 2018 they won the LNR National Best Elite Cow award with cow KHB 050270 and in 2008 the ABSA ARC title was awarded to Kingsheath as well. They all know the farm's basins amongst the hills, the fertile and less fer- tile areas, as explained by Johan during our trip through the fields, which are green and lush after having received 123 mm of rain in April and 415 mm for the year until 7 May. April was a record rain- fall month with an average of 188,7 mm. It is indeed a blessing for them if you take into account that they normally receive between 350 and 450 mm per year on average. The good rain will ensure good soil moisture levels, for which they are very grateful. The future of the farm is being kept safely for the children, Gert and Colette. Johan's last bit of advice is that one should never take wild chances in farming and one should always remember that what you have is only by the grace of God. Well done, Johan! Vir winterlekke wat jou sak pas Winterlek Jou diere verdien net die beste. Wanneer dit kom by hul welstand, is daar geen kortpaaie nie. Gebruik jou eie plaasgeproduseerde produkte saam met Yara Animal Nutrition SA se produkte en spaar. Maak Yara jou vennoot in die verskaffing van kwaliteitprodukte en resepte om jou lekkoste drasties te verminder. Voorbeeld van ‘n winterlek vir beeste en skape: Hulle sal hulle lippe aflek ... Mieliemeel/Hominy Chop Oliekoek Voergraad Ureum Kimtrafos 12 Grandé/PhosSure 12 Kalori 3000 Voergraad Swael Sout Totaal Beeslek 250 - 150 150 50 7 350 957 Skaaplek 250 150 100 100 50 5 350 1005 Samestelling g/kg g/kg Ruproteïen 475 367 % Vanaf NPN 95.6 77.5 ME 3.8 MJ/kg 5.25 MJ/kg Kalsium 41 27 Fosfaat 21 14 Swael 8 5 Inname Beeste (g/bees/dag) 350-500 450-650 Inname Skape (g/skaap/dag) Nie geskik 80-120 Innoverende oplossings in dierevoeding! | Tel: +27 (0)31 910-5100 Kalori 3000 - Reg Nr. V2809, Voergraad Ureum - Reg Nr. V15681, Voergraad Swael - Reg. Nr. V16738, Kimtrafos 12 Grandé - Reg. Nr. V18670, PhosSure 12 - Reg. Nr. V12858. Alle produkte geregistreer onder Wet 36 van 1947 Yara Animal Nutrition Suid-Afrika (Edms) Bpk. Reg. Nr. 2001/025850/07 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2019 25