Senwes Scenario June / July 2019 - Page 20

Theme: im An al feed AGRICULTURAL Staalmeester offers options to survive this winter Wood and bush food is the answer Although good rains were received in most of the Senwes areas in April, a number of areas are still experiencing severe drought conditions, such as the drought in Namibia. It is their worst drought ever and the government declared an emergency situa­tion there in May. There is absolutely no grazing and producers are desperate for feed. Farmers are looking at alternatives such as wood and bush.  By Martin Coetzee Staalmeester CEO I t was the answer and the demand increased. Staalmeester did some tests on various implements in order to solve this problem for the farmers. Two clear winners: JF2D hammer mill and JF 50 cutter JF2D The JF2D is available in an electric, petrol or diesel version. It is an affordable option for farmers wanting to mill anything from maize to livestock feed, in this instance bush and branches. It is very effective on bush because the cutting action cuts wood with two blades, which is then processed in a milling space with six hammers. The JF2D model comes with five standard grids, from 0.8 mm to 10 mm and big- ger. In this instance the branches are processed into 5 mm or 10 mm pieces, depending on whether cattle or sheep are being fed. JF50 CUTTER The JF 50 comes in PTO, diesel, electric or petrol. Staalmeester found the answer 18 SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2019 *BUSH FOOD is a term used by farmers for pro- cessing wood and bush and to make it part of the feed blend A typical bush food blend: bush 80%, molasses 8%, salt 0.5%, urea 1%, P21 phosphate 1%, chop 5% and legumes 4.5%. The feed blend is suitable for cattle and sheep and can be used for game as well, but the urea would have to be adjusted for game. Staalmeester is the sole supplier of JF-products in Southern Africa and has been import- ing the product from Brazil for the past 20 years. It has been involved in Namibia for 15 years. in the JF2D model, but at a solution was not yet available for large-scale farmers requiring larger equipment. Staalmeester cut a variety of bushes and branches and successful tests were done. The JF 50 works very well since it has a larger feeder than the JF2D and has two rollers which pull the bush and branches into the machine for easier pro- Staalmeester’s JF 50 cutter is the solution for large-scale farmers requiring larger equipment. cessing. The JF50 also has two cutting length adjusters, namely 5 mm and 13 mm. It is perfect for making the bush food mixture and it does not have to be pro- cessed again by a hammer mill. Staalmeester sold more than 200 units in Namibia alone over the past two months, all for the purpose of milling bushfood. The problem will unfortunately not be solved soon, since winter is upon us and grazing will only recover after the first rain.