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Theme: im An al feed FINANCING Senwes Credit at the forefront of innovation  By Francois de Kock Senwes Credit: Head Commercial Agri Finance Without diminishing the complexity of growing crops like soybeans, corn and wheat, raising beef cattle is an entirely different rodeo due to the very fact that the commodity is a living, breathing and walking animal with its own nutritional requirements and health needs. The simple task of determining exactly how many pounds of feed each animal consumed is impossible for many producers unless animals are separated and fed individual rations - an impractical and wildly inefficient endeavour. Each animal will also have its own health history as disease plagues some, but not all of the herd and different stats on things like the number of months it takes to reach fin- ishing weight. And then there’s the cow-calf segment of beef cattle pro- duction in which cows are bred to produce a new crop of calves each year. Breeding, calving and weaning records are an entirely new set of metrics to capture for each individual animal. The answer may simply be that it will take the industry a little more time to wrap its head around the dizzying num- ber of variables involved to find the best and most practical on-farm digital solutions. Abbreviated from: Lauren Manning’s article: https://agfun- climate-employee-founder-of-digital-tool-pla.html SENWES CREDIT DOES it again! As leaders in the provision of agri-finance solutions, Senwes Credit is once again at the forefront of innovation. A new structure focused on providing direct access for clients to a team of specialists, was intro- duced on 1 June 2019. The main focus of the structure is to optimise the integration strategy of Senwes. The team will be present in one of three geographic compositions and will be made up of the following team members: • Manager Agri-Finance, who fulfils the role of integration specialist. He deals with the co-ordination of financing solutions and the identification and facilitation of value adding opportunities for the client. • Credit Manager who, with his team, will fulfil the role of credit specialist. The provision of tailor-made financing solutions remains the primary responsibility of this team. • Agricultural-economist who, together with his team, will find viable solutions for the farming business and who will provide measurable efficiency comparisons and guide- lines via the E-Bureau. Each of the team specialists is linked to a geographic group of clients - the total team are therefore aware of the client's requirements and challenges. The existing relationship between yourself and your cur- rent manager agri-finance, will remain unchanged. Should you have had previous communication with the credit teams, this person may possibly change. The three geographic groupings are the western area, central and Eastern Cape area and the eastern area. Contact Senwes Credit today for innovative financing solu- tions. SENWES SCENARIO | WINTER 2019 17