Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 58

•••• CO L U M N You have a calling. Even if you don’t think so MILANIE VOSLOO “CALLING” SOUNDS VERY “CHURCHY”. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A REVEREND OR A MISSIONARY. IN ADDITION WE STRUGGLE TO DEAL WITH EVERYTHING ON OUR PLATES EVERY DAY AND WE JUST DON'T HAVE TIME FOR MORE OBLIGATIONS. T he truth is that each one of us has a calling to do something special - and this calling usually relates to one of the gifts already given to us. John C Maxwell said: People’s purpose in life is always connected to their giftedness. The question therefore is not whether you have been called, but what your calling is. Everyone in the world of agricul­ ture, makes a difference to food provision in some or other way. Somewhere you are providing food to someone ... some­ where you create and give life! What a privilege! You indirect­ ly make a difference to life. However, it’s not coincidence that you find yourself where you are today. You are in that place because your mere being can make a difference in the lives of others. You may have a special gift to work with people, to bring new hope through your creativity, or to unlock new possibilities through your wisdom. You may be someone who brings others to a new understanding. Your kind words may give people hope for tomorrow. Or you may be one of the people who, by living your ordinary life and by the way in which you deal with people, tell them about God - and also the type of God which He is. Forgiving, loving and good. What do you think your calling is? How can you be yourself in such a way that others look at you and think: “I want to be like that. He/she has 'something' which I don't have." Every child of God was called by Him to be something of Him. What have you been called for? Lord, thank you that You can touch lives through me - a broken human being. I want to stay close to your heart, hear your heart­ beat; hear your words when You tell me to follow You. And to say yes when You call. 56 JUN/JUL 2017 • SENWES Scenario Win HOOP WAT KAALVOET LOOP Life is hard at times... just like a pair of uncomfortable shoes at the end of a long day. At times like this you can come home to God; when you can kick off your heart’s shoes and share your broken humanity with Him. In that safe space with Him you will experience how He banishes the dark inside of you and brings new hope. Hoop wat kaalvoet loop has 101 devotions, beau­ tifully designed and full of hope and inspiration. Milanie Vosloo shows you how you - despite many thin