Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 55

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ READ: Matthew 27:27-44 REV WILLIE BOTHA An unequalled transformation E arly the Sunday morning Mary Magdalene went to the grave. When she arrived at the grave, she made a disturbing discovery. The stone was rolled away from the grave, which only meant one thing: They took the body of Jesus and buried it else­ where. After having brought the disturbing news to the disciples, she returned to the grave, where she cried about Jesus having died and his body being missing. Little did she know about the radical change that took place that morning. She understood the breaking through of the light when Jesus called her "Mary" that morning. with the cross, becomes the cross of reconciliation. The symbol of mortal shame becomes the sign of the highest honour. The same applies in respect of the grave. The place of death and decompo­ sition becomes the birthplace of eternal life. With the resurrection a trans­ formation took place, a radical change. These changes are reflect­ ed in the changed value which we attach to Christian symbols. The curse which we associated The resurrection of Jesus removes all fear: Fear of the world, the guards, fear of further persecu­ tion. Fear of the cross, the night, the grave. s passie. A transformation takes place in Mary as well. The saddest of the sad becomes the gladdest of the glad when Jesus revealed his identity to her. The same applies to Thomas, who was so shattered, who had no hope due to the crucifixion. His joy resulted in the confession: My Lord and my God. Eventually the resurrection also breaks through our own fears. This is the most extensive trans­ formation ever, since it represents a victory over time. Time has lost its hold on humanity. At the resurrection of Jesus Christ, time gives way to eternity. The slow demise of man is no longer a threat, but a way of growing towards eternal life with God. Death lost its sting and instead of fearing death, it is something that believers can look forward to. It does not only transform our end which has become a beginning, but it also transforms the way in which we can live every day. When man lives for something, towards something, it makes a lot more sense, there is more purpose and more joy about life itself. The importance of the resurrec­ tion is sadly downplayed. It is the celebration of the glory of God. It is the revelation of the bound­ less possibilities which a different God places within our reach. SENWES Scenario • JUN/JUL 2017 53