Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 50

' A WAY •••• WHE R E THE R E '  S A W I L L T H E R E S My relaxation is affected! READ: Exodus 20:8-11 and 1 Kings 19:1-8 I t is no coincidence that a vehicle has different gears. The gearbox was designed in such a manner that the vehicle, by way of the changing of gears, will have maximum work performance under different conditions. This is also, amongst others, the objective of the sabbath. In addition to the fact that this day should be conse­ crated in honour of God, He also included the sabbath in the order of creation for the sake of man­ kind. In His wisdom, God knew that mankind has to be able to change gears as well. He delighted in his work on the seventh day and, in a similar manner, mankind needs to have a time of rest during which he can, in addition to rest­ ing, look back on a period of hard work with pride. So many complain that husbands want to return home after only three of four days of being on holiday. These complaints are not just idle complaints. My research confirmed that we no longer know how to enjoy a holiday! True, most of us go on holiday once a year, but there is little or no quality. Holidays have become mechanical, no attention is afford­ ed to planning holidays. It is the same routine, place and faces every year. There is no variation or creativity in the planning or the holiday itself. Most people cannot or will not switch off when they go on holiday. This is the result of problems being packed with the beach towel. In the end the econ­ omy, strikes at work, the sick bull 48 REV CAREL BOTMA and mildew on the potatoes all go on holiday with you! When you drag all this luggage you will never be able to experi­ ence the most important type of rest, namely emotional or psycho­ logical rest. You may rest physi­ cally, but your tormented thought processes continue. The result is that you remain restless, you want to return to work, you become irritated and you spoil the atmo­ sphere - the thought of future hol­ idays become a nightmare to you. It becomes your enemy instead of a means of replenishing emotional reserves. An inability to change gears and to switch off emotional­ ly, will make the individual more susceptible for further stress. At this point one thinks about Elijah. First he had to live with the widow in Sarfat because he was afraid of Ahab after having announced a drought. Then he had to flee after he killed all the Baal prophets and Jezebel wanted him dead. To be a prophet of God is not only hard work - he is also exposed to intense emotion­ al hardships. One can imagine that Elijah wat tired, exhausted and at an emotional low. “This is enough, Lord! Take my life...” But then the caring God comes into the picture. Elijah must rest and eat. “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you. So he got up and ate and drank. Strengthened by that food, he travelled forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, JUN/JUL 2017 • SENWES Scenario the mountain of God.” As God calls us to repentance and sanctification, He also calls us to function optimally as huma