Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 33

NEWS ••• • • • • GOSA SYMPOSIUM an enriching experience THE COUNTRY'S GRAIN STORAGE ENTERPRISES MEET ONCE A YEAR WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF PROMOTING AND IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF AND WORK WITHIN THE GRAIN HANDLING INDUSTRY. GOSA IS AN INDEPEN- DENT ORGANISATION WHICH BRINGS RELEVANT INFOR- MATION TO ITS MEMBERS AT THIS SYMPOSIUM. T his year’s speakers were of outstanding quality and the very popular Dr Roelof Botha brought a positive perspective, as in the past. He is of the opinion that the economy will grow this year and that agriculture can make a 1% contribution to the GDP-growth rate. A weakening of the rand is expected, which will support exports. South Africa has been a net exporter of food since 2012, despite the droughts. He mentioned that there is a mass of information in government and that land reform will not take place in the manner in which it is being propagated at present. Four years ago Brett Archibald fell off a boat into the Indian Ocean. The crew was unaware of this tragedy and he spent 29 challenging hours in the ocean before being saved. The whole world became aware of what had happened and it was the prayers and faith of his family and friends which carried him through. His message was an inspiration for every individual and organisation facing difficult times. Japie Snyman is a trader at Seaboard Overseas Trading & Shipping. He discussed statis­ > CONTINUED ON PAGE 32 31