Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 31

NEWS ••• • • • • AgriSA President Johannes Moller and Senwes Chairman Danie Minnaar sign the MOA to establish and fund a Smart Agri Risk Management Desk. community, government and other stakeholders and role players. amongst others, the following key preparatory points: • Objectives and focus of the desk. • Timeline and project plan of the desk. • Additional inputs that are required and possible interested role players. • Background on the agricultural industry fundamentals. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE LAUNCH AT NAMPO? Quick work was made after the launch at Nampo Park and the first discussion between Agri SA and Senwes was held on Tuesday, 23 May. The discussions included, This is a unique concept and a market first, which will benefit the food value chain and therefore South Africa. Farmers have enough challenges as it is and should not be alone in managing and mitigating their key risks. The industry is plagued with climate, political, market, price, credit and technological risks and the objective of this desk will be to minimise the impact of such risk events. * The Smart Agri-Risk Management Desk will initially run for a period of two years, under the auspices of Agri SA. 29 w MIDDEL VEGETATIEF, TOPBEMESTING BLOMSTADIUM VOOR PLANT VROEË VEGETATIEF, MET PLANT Met Kynoch se innoverende en pasmaak-produkte kan jy bemesting toedien volgens jou mielieplante se behoeftes en groeistadiums. So verseker Kynoch dat jou mielieplante kry wat hul nodig het, wanneer hul dit die nodigste het. Kynoch – verbeterde doeltreffendheid deur innovasie. Vir verbeterde stikstof- doeltreffendheid wat beskikbare stikstof in die grond verhoog. KynoPlus ® - mengsels: Om stikstof, fosfaat en kalium doeltreffend in die grond te sit. KynoPop ® KynoPlus ® en KynoPlus ® - mengsels: KynoPlus ® - Effektiewe bemesting wanneer die voedings- behoefte van die mielieplant geweldig toeneem. Vir ‘n vinnige begin en sterk saailinge. NPKS-plantermengsel Om gedurende hierdie stadium in die mielieplant se lewe ‘n goeie potensiaal aan te lê. Mielie OEMFF®: ’ n Blaarvoeding om die effektiwiteit van die mielieplant te verbeter. Mielie OEMFF® B16: Om gedurende stuifmeelstort, bestuiwing en bevrugting in die spesifieke voedings- behoefte te voorsien. KynoPlus ® -mengsels Foli-Grande of Foli-Plus: Het die nodige voeding- stowwe in, om graanvul te verbeter. Farmisco (Edms) Bpk. h/a Kynoch Fertilizer Reg. Nr. 2009/0092541/07 011 317 2000 | KynoPlus® is geregistreer as kunsmis groep 1 – Reg. No: K8024, KynoPop® Reg. No: K9101, Mielie OEMFF® Reg. No: K8702 en Foli-Grande Reg. No: K8045 (Alle produkte is geregistreer onder Wet 36 van 1947) KynoPlus ®