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••• • • CO N T E N T S • • NAMPO 2017 16-19 MEI FR EE JUNE • JULY 2017 FREE STATE YOUNG FARMER OF THE YEAR JOHAN VAN HUYSSTEEN 14 16 4 – 5 FOCUS ON: KOPPIES Senwes funds Smart Agri Risk Management Desk ANIMAL FEEDS CONTENTS EDITOR'S LETTER 2 To win or overcome GENERAL ON THE COVER TRADE NEWS 14 Muf en mikotoksiene: Hoe beïnvloed dit die prestasie van voerkraalbeeste en melkkoeie? 3 Cartoon: Pieter & Tshepo 22 From the Koppies district for the area 3 Heard all over 24 Steve Kinghorn is pivotal to the success of the producer MAIN ARTICLE 27 4 Nation in Conversation’s message continues to spread far and wide AREA FOCUS 35 Ken jou Certisure makelaar: Paul Els 36 16 Koppies make its mark Corné Coetzee a man of action Management of sub-soil acidity 38 Massing and Donations Tax IN THE SPOTLIGHT 54 Good food for healthy pets NEWS 40 Safex Scenarios with Susari 20 Hermann Weiss: Double the passion 5 Lots of action and winners with Senwes Grainlink at Nampo Harvest Day 2017 6 The role of agri-businesses in a changing agricultural environment 9 2017 Free State Young Farmer of the Year for 2017: Johan van Huyssteen 12 North West Young Farmer of the Year-title a victory for the game industry 28 Senwes en Agri SA lead with market first Smart Agri-Risk Management Desk 31 GOSA Symposium an enriching experience THE 2017 FREE State Young Farmer of the Year is Johann van Huyssteen, seen on the cover page of this edi- tion. We visited this dynamic farmer on the farm Bloekom, between Vir- ginia and Theunissen, where he told us more about his title and farming operations. Read also about another winner, the Northwest Young Farmer of the Year, Ro’an van Tonder, and their game farming operations. Ons best wishes accompany him when he participates in the national leg of the competition later this year. Another winner is the very popular Nation in Conversation series, which was filmed at Nampo Park for the fith successive year. Programmes in this series are already being broad- casted. . COLUMNS 42 Grain market prospects 45 Come rain or shine 47 On target 48 Where there's a will there's a way 50 Future focus The Koppies area and Senwes pro- ducer Hermann Weiss are in the spotlight and you can also about the Senwes funding of the Smart Agri- Risk Management Desk. 53 Food for thought 55 Garden tips COMPETITIONS 55 Win with Hannon 60 Win a copy of Hoop wat kaalvoet loop WOMEN 56 Milanie Vosloo 37 Grasland 50 Make sure you receive the eScenario newsletter bi-monthly for relevant company and industry news. Sign in at Read the Senwes Scenario online at or download the Scenario app. ‘Like’ us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at @ReadScenario SENWES Scenario • JUN/JUL 2017 1