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Steve Kinghorn is pivotal to the success of the producer


This 59-year old was appointed as client advisor at Senwes in 2002 . This position has undergone numerous name changes . His career started as credit inspector at Kroonstad branch . He was appointed as relationship manager at the Parys centre in 2004 , and dealt with clients in Parys , Heilbron , Sasolburg , Koppies and Vereeniging . He became the input marketer for the same area , with the exception of Parys , in 2005 .

Steve has a lot of experience and was at the Land Bank for 25 years and two years at Vrystaat Mielies .
He was reappointed as relationship manager at Senwes in 2010 , as has been in this position ever since .
FOUR REGIONS Four regions fall under Steve , while other relationship managers only work in one or two regions . He describes himself as a people ’ s person who enjoys working with people and there is no doubt that he “ enjoys assisting his clients as far as possible ”.
He believes with his whole heart that “ there is no such thing as a problem without a solution .
JUN / JUL 2017 • SENWES Scenario
Any problem can be solved , which is what I do and I love it ,” Steve said passionately . WORK ETHICS As far as his work ethics it is to “ retain my existing client base and to obtain new clients . But no client may be neglected .”
His primary responsibility is to assist his producers with their finances . He also sell input products and assists them to manage their finances .
The recent drought and the effects thereof have not been forgotten and Steve assists them with deferred payment and loan arrangements .
CENTRE IN THE RUGBY SENSE The Despatch-born Steve was privileged to play rugby with the Doring van Despatch , Danie Gerber . They played for Despatch High School ' s first team for four years and also featured in the Craven Week . This sportsman also excelled in cricket and athletics .
After school he completed his military training at the Airforce in Pretoria playing for the SA Airforce and SA Military teams . He was also part of the Northern Transvaal u / 20 team . From 1980 to 1986 he played rugby for Eastern Free State and rural cricket for Eastern Transvaal and Eastern Province .
Steve was born on 6 April 1958 - the day Jan van Riebeeck arrived in the Cape , only 306 years later . “ I am a bit of a Jan van Riebeecktype guy ,” Steve joked .
DEALS WITH EVERYONE IN THE SAME WAY Treat everyone exactly the same . He works with three branch managers , Hendrik de Klerk ( Koppies ), Wynand Nortjé ( Heilbron ) and Gusta Hauptfleisch ( Vereeniging ) and makes no distinction between them . It is his motto . " I treat small farmers and big farmers exactly the same - the same small farmer may become a big farmer !” By doing this , and by the grace of God , he won the title of Best Marketer at Hinterland in 2016 . “ It means a lot to me ”. And he won ' t stop there hoping to do it again in the near future .
This positive relationship manager is also the centre of his family . He has been married to Babsie for 35 years and have two children , Kevin ( 30 ) and Darryl ( 24 ). He also has one grandson , Ruben ( 5 ).
This is who Steve is : A positive person who believes the customer comes first . And although he has to make a few sacrifices , it is who he is - " It is my bread and butter .”
•••• T RADE N E W S RELATIONSHIP MANAGER: KOPPIES Steve Kinghorn is pivotal to the success of the producer TO SAY THAT STEVE KINGHORN IS IN THE CENTRE OF EVERY THING, IS TRUE IN MORE THAN ONE RESPECT. AUBREY KRUGER T his 59-year old was appointed as client advisor at Senwes in 2002. This position has undergone numerous name changes. His career started as cred­ it inspector at Kroonstad branch. He was appointed \[][ۜ\X[Y\]H\\[H[ [X[]Y[š[\\Z[ۋ\\Y\[\Y[Y[ˈBX[YHH[]X\]\܈B[YH\XK]H^\[ۈق\\[ K]H\Hو^\Y[B[\]H[[܈ BYX\[YX\]\X]ZY[Y\˂H\X\[Y\[][۰B\X[Y\][\[ L \\Y[[\][ۈ]\[KTQSӔ‘\Y[ۜ[[\]K[H\[][ۜ\X[Y\›ۛHܚ[ۙH܈Y[ۜ˂H\ܚX\[\[\H[x&\œ\ۈ[\ܚ[][H[\H\X]H8'[\\\[\Y[\™\\Xx'KH[Y]\]\BX\]8'\H\X[˜\H؛[H]]H][ۋ[H؛[H[HY X\]H[HݙH] 8'H]BZY\[ۘ][KԒUP\\\\ܚ]X]\¸']Z[^H^\[Y[\H[؝Z[]Y[ˈ]pB[X^HHYXY 'B\[X\H\ۜX[]H\\\\X\]Z\[[\ˈH[[[]BX[\\[HX[YBZ\[[\˂HX[Y[BYX\[و]HY[ܙ[[]H\\[B]Y\Y^[Y[[[\[[Y[˂SHSHQЖHSBH\] Xܛ]H\œ][YY^HY؞H]Bܚ[[\] [YB\\^H^YY܈\]Y \X[H܈\YX\[[X]\Y[Bܘ][YZˈ\ܝX[[™^[Y[ܚX][]]X˂Y\H\]Y\›Z[]\HZ[[]HZ\ܘB[]ܚXH^Z[܈HBZ\ܘH[HZ[]\HX[\˂H\[\وHܝ\[ݘX[ǨX[KBNN  NN H^YYY؞B܈X\\YH]H[\[ܚX]܈X\\[ݘX[[X\\ݚ[KSҕS M8(ST[\[”]H\ܛۈ \[ NMNHH^H[[YXYX\]Y[H\KۛH YX\]\'H[HH]وH[[YXYXB\H^K8'H]HY PSUUTSӑHSHSQHVBX]]\[ۙH^XHB[YKHܚ]YB[X[Y\[Z™H\ Y\K[[ܝH Z[ۊH[\B]\Z\ \Y[Y[H[XZ\\[[ۈ]Y[[K]\\[ˈHX]X[\Y\[Y\Y\™^XHH[YH HH[YHX[\Y\X^HXYHHY\Y\x'BH[\[HHܘXBو HۈH]Hو\X\]\][\[[ M']YX[HYx'K[Bۉ\H[]YZ[[HX\]\K\]]H[][ۜ\X[BY\\[H[Hو\[Z[KH\Y[X\YYXYH܂HYX\[]H[[][ H[\[ KB[\ۙHܘ[ۋX[ JK\\]H\ΈH]]B\ۈ[Y]\H\Y\Y\\ [[YH\XZHH]XܚYX\]\šH\ H]\^HXY[]0B\'