Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 23

••• • • IN T HE SPO TL IG HT • • This unique landmarks welcome you at the farm Vlakkuil belonging to the Weiss family. There is even an old drop tank which numerous people refer to as the rocket, and it serves as an easy reference. Father and son! Hermann Weiss (on the right) with his son Werner next to one of the John Deere tractors on the farm. has been planting white and yel­ low maize only lately. However, he predicts that he will be planting sorghum again, which the area is actually known for. A further impact of the drought was that he had to stop his commercial Simbra and Bonsmara cattle com­ ponent. DEPENDS ON SENWES Hermann’s total production account is at Senwes and he has been doing business with the com­ pany for 15 years. He has a good relationship