Senwes Scenario June / July 2017 - Page 15

NEWS to supply top genetics to the breeders market and the hunting market - “Where will they find genetics like this - hopefully they will buy it from us.” To top it all they are hardy and the biggest advantage is that they can be brought in from the outside throughout the year and that long-horn cows are as much in demand in the hunting market as the bulls. As far as he knows they are the only game farmers doing in-depth analyses where all the horns are measured and predictions are made regarding the potential of the animals. Although you can­ not always be right, it provides a guideline for the future. We measure everything, while other breeders measure the length and tip to tip only. They have been farming with game since 2010 and bought the first Burchell Namibian golden gemsbuck in 2012 at the well- known Piet du Toit’s auction. 10 were bought at an average of R825 000 per animal. “It was a high premium, more than double the market price, but we have the best of the best and the premiums will be made up when we sell the golden gems­ buck.” They are also in the process of expanding to a 5 000 hectare farm in Namibia. The actual objective is to not only have the numbers, but to have the best - a quantity of quality. The Kalahari bloodlines have the best gembuck genetics. OPTIFEEDS As far as animal feed is concerned, Ro’an buys all his feeds from Optifeeds. “We are satisfied with the prod­ uct and the price and the animals are in good condition.” One thing he would like is for the media to be consistent. A commercial farmer can buy a R5 million plus tractor, but as soon as a game farmer pays R5 million for a buffalo, he is regarded as crazy. It is, however, an investment in his herd and it adds value. Ro’an encourages produces to establish a game component. Kroonstud Game, which Ro’an is involved with, will be hosting a game day on 9 August 2017 to show prospect game farmers the ins and outs of the game industry. RSVP before 2 August 2017 by contacting Ro’an by e-mail at ••• • • • • 13