Sensiple FIX Protocol

FIX Protocol Financial Information eXchange (FIX) has become the primary language of global financial markets as it is broadly used by buy-side firms, sell-side firms, trading platforms and regulators to communicate trade information. This non-proprietary standard is being continuously developed to support evolving businesses and thousands of corporations every day to complete millions of transactions. Financial markets all over the world are trying to converge onto FIX standards for their connectivity, data delivery, and trading. Sensiple provides FIX Protocol and electronic trading technology solutions and services for leading global financial institutions across multiple asset classes. We have developed robust FIX solutions for multiple products, different types of firms, and various markets. Our FIX solutions help large market participants to achieve high-performance FIX integration between their systems, which improves their overall business performance, reduces transaction costs, scalability and manageability. Solutions Offering: FIX Pre Trade • Market Data Management: Market data snapshot, Market Data Incremental • Indication of Interest • Quote and Negotiations: RFQ, Quote Creation, and Management, RFQ Session Management • Security Status and Definitions: Security Meta Data, Security Status, Security Status Updates, Security Definitions