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Interested in Writing for Senior Connections? Contact us at [email protected] The Minnesota Zoo features indoor and outdoor exhibits, and is open 363 days a year. A trip to the zoo PHOTO BY STARRLA CRAY BY STARRLA CRAY Associate Editor Looking for something new to do with the grand- kids? Whether you’re 6 or 96, a trip to the Minnesota Zoo can be a memorable way to spend a day. I was just there Aug. 13, but before that, it had been at least 15 years, probably longer. I think the first time I ever saw the Minnesota Zoo was in kindergarten, on a field trip with my class from Lester Prairie Elementary School. My mom was a chaperone, so her goal was to make sure all the chattering little girls from our group made it safely back on the bus at the end of the day. My goal, on the other hand, was to see a giraffe. I don’t think the Minnesota Zoo had giraffes (they don’t now), but that didn’t stop me from looking. On my most recent zoo adventure, my mission was more realistic: to have fun walking around with my husband, Scott, and to see an assortment of animals. That turned out to be easy to accomplish. After we had parked and paid for our tickets, we headed to Discovery Bay: United Healthcare Marine Education Center. We decided to do all the indoor ex- hibits first, in hopes that the sun would be less intense outside later on. The calm blue aquariums were gorgeous, showcas- ing everything from seahorses to leopard sharks to jelly fish. On our way to the next area, we walked by tall glass windows where we could see snow monkeys playing outside. If you’ve never seen snow monkeys before, I would highly recommend checking them out. They seemed to have limitless energy and agility as they climbed trees, leaped onto ropes, and chased each other through pools of water. I was a little jealous, until I found out what snow monkeys eat. The Minnesota Zoo website states that they love fruit, but in the wild, they eat whatever’s Thrivent Financial offers a full range of products and services to help you achieve financial security, including: • Life insurance • Annuities • Mutual Funds • Retirement options • Health insurance We’ll create a financial strategy that reflects your goals and values. The snow monkey exhibit is visible from many angles, indoors and out. In this photo, one monkey is mid-air leaping into a pond, while another is upside down on a branch. PHOTO BY STARRLA CRAY available, including “plants, small animals, insects, farm crops, and even soil. During winters with heavy snowfall, they rely heavily on eating bark.” Eating bark and soil sounds kind of terrible. Fortunately, Scott and I didn’t have to worry about what to eat at the zoo. The food court is near the snow monkey exhibit, and later in the day we stopped for lunch. More ZOO on Pg 12 Senior Connections HJ.COM Senior Connections October 2018 7