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Senior Spotlight: from NYC to Minneapolis cuisine BY JENNIFER VON OHLEN Staff Writer Michael Morse, 70, of New York City, NY, currently residing in Kimball, found himself relocating to the land of 10,000 lakes rough- ly 25 years ago as he sought freedom from his alcohol addiction. He went through treatment three times before he was able to move into a halfway house. “We learn in the program that relapse is a symptom of this dis- ease,” shared Morse. “That it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a bad person. I’m not a bad person becoming good; I’m a sick person get- ting well.” While residing at the halfway house, Morse’s next objective in moving forward was to obtain a “minimal job” that would allow him to get his feet back underneath him while still having time to take care of himself. He worked as a restaurant host/greeter for a few years before be- ing given the opportunity to own his own restaurant in the Foshay Tower of Minneapolis. It was called Cafe Un Deux Trois (French for one, two, three), and, according to Morse, “It was hot. It was the place to go.” He owned it for about 14 years before it closed, but, “somewhere along the line, this cute, adorable woman started coming for lunch fairly often.” She would later become Morse’s (now ex) wife, whom he still loves. Care for loved ones, keeps everyone strong. Care as it should be. The Center for Senior Behavioral Health provides regional innovative mental health services improving the quality of life for our older adults and their families. Hospital (320) 693-4500 / Center for Senior Behavioral Health (320) 693-4535 612 Sibley Avenue South / Litchfi eld, Minnesota 55355 / 2 Senior Connections October 2018 Senior Connections HJ.COM