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ZOO from Pg 7 Health, independence and choice come to life at the Garden House at St. Mary’s as a secure assisted living community featuring: Scott got a ham and cheese sandwich from Erbert & Gerbert’s, and I had a deli- cious chicken salad from Mix’d Greens. Other food court options included things like burgers, chicken strips, hot dogs, piz- za, ice cream, and cookies. One of my absolute favorite parts of the zoo was the butterfly garden, which is open only during the summer. It was extremely relaxing to be surrounded by fluttering wings in an array of colors. The butterflies seemed relaxed, too. They floated around the enclosure, rest- ing on flowers, green plants, and hang- ing dishes of fresh citrus fruit. They’d even stop on visitors’ hands on occasion. When we left, a zoo employee made us spin around, to check if there were any “butterfly hitchhikers.” Another unique part of the trip was “Kangaroo Crossing,” open May 26 through Oct. 14. Before letting us inside, a zoo worker with an Australian accent pointed to some phrases on a wall, and instructed us to say one of them with an Australian accent. I tried to say “lolly water,” and was coached that the “a” should sound like a “ooo” and the “er” should sound like “a.” I think I eventually got it, sort of. Luckily, the kangaroos didn’t seem to care if we sounded like true Australians. Mostly they were busy resting, since it was about 90 degrees that afternoon. When they want to, though, kangaroos More ZOO on Pg 14 • Home cooked meals • Private single & double suites • Heated sidewalks to prevent falls • Whirlpool and spa room • Secure outdoor garden • All rooms equipped with private bathrooms! 300 Fairlawn Ave W, Winsted (320)485-3159 • This orange and white garden eel peeked its head out from the sand in an aquarium. It was one of my husband’s favorite animals at the Minnesota Zoo. PHOTO BY STARRLA CRAY 12 Senior Connections September 2018 Senior Connections HJ.COM