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E X C L U S I V E A M E N I T I E S . C U R A T E D E X P E R I E N C E S . SELECT Magazine is produced four times a year by Travel Leaders Group. The magazine’s contents are protected by copyright 2020 and all rights reserved. Reproduction without prior permission is forbidden. Every care is taken in compiling the contents in this magazine, but the publishers assume no responsibility in the effect arising therefrom. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. All rates, offers and information are valid at the time of printing and are subject to change and availability. © 2020, Travel Leaders Group. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. SELECT Magazine is published by Travel Leaders Group. Stephen McGillivray Chief Marketing Officer Secluded beach in Grand Cayman Michael Heflin General Manager SELECT Collection Darryl Vasilinda Creative Director Dear Traveler, A vacation is more than just living in some other location for a week. Travel is a calling to some, a passion to many. It connects cultures, introduces us to new experiences and fills us with a neverending sense of awe. Travel, at its very essence, both confirms and strengthens our humanity. As we navigate the world today, it’s important to stay focused on the things that bring us joy, such as travel. We have filled this issue of SELECT Magazine with the warmth of summer and the colors of fall, whether it’s visiting Europe’s most bike-friendly cities, savoring the flavors of the Mediterranean, road-tripping across California, spending quality time at romantic spots across North America or another adventure. While these articles describe exceptional experiences and regions in broad strokes, our “Perfect Day” itineraries narrow down the “mustdo's” of a city. Filled with personal insights and engaging moments, these itineraries show you what a perfect day could look like in Nassau, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Whether it’s one perfect day or two blissful weeks, our agency can enhance every travel experience detailed here with special amenities and VIP-worthy privileges from our SELECT Collection. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with our partners, we can enrich your hotel stay with a VIP amenity, complimentary breakfast for two daily, an upgrade upon availability and more. Also, we understand that travel may not be on your agenda right now, but it will return in the months to come. As such, please lean on our expertise to guide you to the most intriguing opportunities, and keep the inspiring ideas in this magazine in mind. Wherever, and whenever, you wish to explore and connect with the world again, our agency can make the journey truly exceptional with SELECT. Happy Travels! Liz Broehl Editor-In-Chief Dayna Engberg Justin Gibson Jonathan Hermann Lisa Kahan Erica Moody Corey Quinlan Taylor Writers Erica Moody Managing Editor Maria Bunnewith Elise Cohen Katie Hodskins Copy Editors Caroline Gordon Designer Jennifer Coulter Director of Content