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are , even if they don ’ t live up to your expectations . Set aside grievances until a more appropriate time for discussion .
• Stick to a budget . Before you do your food and gift shopping , decide how much money you can afford to spend . Don ’ t try to buy happiness with expensive gifts .
• Plan ahead . Set aside specific days for shopping , baking and connecting with family and friends . Plan your menus and make shopping lists to prevent last minute frustrations over missing ingredients or items .
• Learn to say no . Saying “ yes ” when you should say “ no ” can leave you feeling overwhelmed and resentful .
• Don ’ t abandon healthy habits . Don ’ t let the holidays become an anything goes season . Overindulgence can add to your stress and guilt . Avoid drugs and excessive alcohol for comfort . While the prospect of escape may sound appealing , substance use can worsen your symptoms . Choose healthy snacks before holiday meals so you don ’ t go overboard with too many sweets or heavy foods . Remember to get plenty of sleep and include regular physical activity in your routine . Seek out the sun ; the sunshine can have a calming and energizing effect .
• Take a breather . Make time for yourself . Even spending 15 minutes alone without distractions can help you reset and refocus on the tasks at hand . Don ’ t forget about your self-care during the busy holiday season .
• Seek professional help if you need it . If you find yourself feeling persistently sad or anxious , are experiencing difficulty in completing everyday tasks , unable to sleep or are overcome by feelings of hopelessness or dread , it could be time to talk to a mental health professional . Adanta as your local resource for mental health and substance abuse services is here to help .
To learn more about what Adanta can offer , check out our website , www . adanta . org or by calling your local Adanta clinic office .
Don ’ t let the holidays become something you dread . You can take steps to minimize challenges and reduce stresses so that you too can find some enjoyment in the holiday season .
Adanta Community Mental Health Center is Ready to Help !
If you are searching for help or would like more information about services , call toll free 1.800.954.4782 x 0 , visit Adanta ’ s website at www . adanta . org , or Adanta ’ s Facebook page at www . facebook . com / The . Adanta . Group . Adanta has been serving the Lake Cumberland area since 1967 , delivering quality services to meet the needs of the people served . “ Enhancing Lives ” is the Purpose of the organization , and serves as the beacon for being a great community partner and resource through its services , programs , outreach , and presence in the Lake Cumberland and surrounding counties .** Adanta is CARF accredited in Adult , Child , & Adolescent Outpatient Treatment ; Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs ; Adult Mental Health Crisis Intervention and Crisis Stabilization ; and Adult , Child , and Adolescent Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs ; and Prevention . ** Outpatient Clinics are located in the counties of Adair , Barren , Casey , Clinton , Green , McCreary , Pulaski , Russell , Taylor , and Wayne .
The Adanta Group , a contractor with the Department for Behavioral Health , Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services , provides behavioral health / substance use services with state and federal funds .

The Adanta Group




1-800-633-5599 ( TTD / TTY )

Emergency Crisis Line

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