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According to the American Psychological Association 38 % of people surveyed said their stress increased during the holiday season , which can lead to physical illness , depression , anxiety and substance misuse . To make matters worse , the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ), noted that 64 % of people with mental illness report holidays make their conditions worse .
There are a variety of factors that can bring on holiday anxiety and depression .
• Some people experience increased financial burdens due to travel , large meal preparation and the expectations around gift giving .
• Others may feel overwhelmed as the holiday season creates extra demands on your time – cleaning and entertaining , baking , shopping , and a general feeling of trying to “ fit it all in ”.
• There ’ s also additional stresses for
some regarding their or their families ’ health in relation to COVID .
• Increased feelings of loneliness for individuals without family or who aren ’ t able to be with them .
• Finally for some , there is an underlying feeling of sadness that the holidays just aren ’ t the same as they used to be – perhaps loved ones have passed or family traditions have fallen to the wayside .
During the holiday season , it is more important than ever to practice self-care and to look for ways to help minimize the challenges of the holiday season .
Several tips to consider include :
• Acknowledge your feelings . If someone close to you has recently passed or you can ’ t be with loved ones for other reasons , realize that it is normal to feel sadness or grief . It is okay to take time to cry or express your feelings . It is common to be “ lacking the holiday spirit .” You can ’ t force yourself to be happy just because it is the holidays .
• Reach out . If you feel lonely or isolated , seek out community , religious or other social events . Talk to a friend or family member if you are feeling stressed .
• Be realistic . Set expectations for yourself that are attainable and don ’ t get overcome with feelings of failure at not being where you should be in life . The holidays don ’ t have to be perfect . As families change and grow , traditions change as well . Choose a few to hold on to , and be open to creating new ones . Consider a video call or sharing pictures or videos for those who might not be able to come to your home . Even though your holiday may look different than previous years , you can find ways to celebrate .
• Set aside differences . Try to accept family members and friends as they

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