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Let the Joy of the Christmas


Season Wash Over You

It ’ s beginning to look a lot like ... well , you know the rest . It ’ s Christmastime — a period of the year where it seems there is just a little more joy and hope . And God knows we can use both in large doses . We fall back on our family traditions this time of the year to help us forget about the mundane fallacies in our lives outside of the holiday season . But what if those traditions are shaken ? Last year , I was going through a earth-shattering change of life event that made the holiday season a little less joyful . Uncertainty will do that to you . But with the help of my family , my friends and my co-workers , I muddled through . And this year , I ’ m embracing new versions of old traditions with my family — which now includes my fiancee Mechelle and her three children . My kids and grandkids , and Mechelle ’ s family , coming together to form a new unit — it ’ s something that I ’ m very much looking forward to .
I can ’ t wait to pick out a Christmas tree with my daughter Caroline for our place . I can ’ t wait to cook Christmas dinner for my whole family — even if my current home is a little too small to host a big dinner . We ’ ll just move it to my daughter Rachel ’ s house — a place full of love , Godliness and happiness .
We will still have a big ole turkey and my mother ’ s dressing and homemade egg noodles . And cookies — lots and lots of cookies .
I know there are a lot of people this season who are having the type of Christmas I had last year . They ’ re scared , they ’ re hurting , they ’ re miserable .
Life changes are difficult . Maybe they ’ ve lost a loved one , have gone through the end of a relationship or simply moved to a new area and feel a little lonely .
I ’ ll be praying for those people most of all this year . And I will say this : There is light at the end of the tunnel . Remember the Word of God in 2 Corinthians
4 : 17-18 : “ And This Too Shall Pass .”
Put your faith in God . Lean on the people who love you . And try your best to let the joy of Christmas wash over you .
Have a wonderful holiday season and God bless !
JEFF NEAL is the Editor of the Commonwealth Journal . Reach him at jneal @ somerset-kentucky . com .
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