SEKY December 2021 - Page 48

By Carla Slavey Commonwealth Journal

Flu vaccinations :

Still important in the age of COVID

With al the talk surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations to protect against the coronavirus , it may seem wearisome to then be bombarded about the need for a flu vaccine on top of that . After all , with all the precautions people have taken to stop the spread of COVID , the number of flu cases have dropped dramatically . However , local health officials – as well as national experts like those from the Centers for Disease Control – are urging the public to make time to get their flu vaccine this year as well .
December 5 through 11 is national Influenza Vaccination Week , putting a spotlight on preventing a disease that still kills thousands of individuals each year .
“ As we continue to navigate the current pandemic , it is evident that both the flu and COVID-19 are circulating at the same time this fall and winter ,” said Dr . J . Barry Dixon , President of Physician Services at Lake Cumberland Medical Associates and Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital . “… Many of the most common symptoms of flu are consistent with COVID-19 , so it may be hard to tell the difference between them . Practicing social distancing , avoiding large gatherings , washing your hands regularly , and wearing a mask or face covering while in public can help to protect you and your loved ones against the flu , COVID-19 , and other infectious disease .”
But it ’ s not just about telling the difference between the flu and the coronavirus . Many experts warn that its possible to contract both at the same time , meaning anyone who is vulnerable to either could experience extremely dangerous complications from battling both at once .
The good news is that flu vaccines are a proven way to prevent the spread of the flu as well as warding off the worst of the symptoms should one catch the flu bug .
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