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December is Impaired Driving

Prevention Month

By Janie Slaven Commonwealth Journal
Whether it ’ s alcohol or drugs , impaired driving is never a safe prospect .
Just a split-second delay in reaction and the consequences can not only be life-changing but life-ending . Alcohol severely hampers a driver ’ s ability to safely operate a vehicle — impairing judgment and slowing reaction time .
Alcohol-impaired driving accounts for nearly 30 % of all traffic fatalities in the United States and some $ 44 billion in damages each year . Every day , some 28 people die in drunkdriving crashes — 10,142 people in 2019 according to the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ).
While that ’ s the lowest total since the agency began keeping statistics in 1982 , impaired driving remains one of the most serious threats to public safety — one that is entirely preventable .
While people are celebrating with family and friends during this holiday
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