SEKY December 2021 - Page 40

Buying SAFE toys for Christmas

By Carla Slavey Commonwealth Journal
Parents – ahem , we meant Santa – has a lot to think about when picking out the perfect toy for every perfect little boy and girl . He has to take into consideration each young one ’ s personal taste , style and interest when picking out a gift . Is the child interested in nature ? Pets can be expensive and a life-long commitment ( certain turtles and parrots could easily outlive the 5-year-old you buy it for ). Is your child into baking ? Cooking toys have moved beyond the EZ Bake Ovens , and even that staple of our childhoods can be considered a bit too dangerous to operate without parental supervision nowadays .
Do you have a budding scientist on your hands ? Watch out when handing over chemistry sets containing random chemicals , or at least teach them early not to mix bleach and ammonia .
All parents need to keep an eye out for what is safe to give their kids , no matter what age group they are looking for . Here are a few tips to
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