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“( Somerset Community College ) is getting involved , the ( Somerset-Pulaski County ) Humane Society — groups like that are working a day or two or three in return for 50 percent of the proceeds .”
The other half of the proceeds will be donated toward the downtown Veterans Park , for which SPEDA ( Somerset Pulaski Economic Development Authority ) recently broke ground , said Robertson .
But that doesn ’ t mean a skating session will put your finances on ice . On the contrary , the goal was to make the experience a relatively inexpensive one for local families — $ 5 for adults and $ 3 for children .
“ The cost to use it is very familyfriendly and fairly priced ,” said Robertson . “ We want to get as many as people using ( the rink ) as possible , so our goal is to not price anybody out of the experience .”
Especially since , as fellow class member Anne Montgomery of Republic State Mortgate noted , it may be the first time many locals have ever had the chance to get out on the ice .
“ One of the ( pieces of feedback ) I have received from a lot of people — I didn ’ t grow up here , so it kind of surprised me , the number of people who have never been on a skating rink ,” she said . “ This is going to be a first experience for a lot of people in this area and that ’ s very exciting .”
Montgomery said that they hope to continue the rink every year and build upon it , “ grow it , and identify different projects or organizations that maybe need a leg up that year ... and put ( the proceeds ) that direction .”
She added , “ We have a handful of ideas about how we ’ d like to expand into other things , offer other opportunities to local businesses and children , but we ’ ll see how it goes this year and expand those things next year when we can plan better for that .”
Robertson noted that the rink is part of a nice holiday synergy in the county , including bringing back Christmas Island at General Burnside Island this year . “ We ’ re all communicating with each other and we ’ re going to crosspromote …,” said Robertson . “ If you ’ re looking to do something this Christmas , regardless of where you live regionally , you ’ re going to come to Pulaski County for one of these events .”
The rink will be open during the month of December from 6-9 p . m . on Mondays through Thursdays , 3-10 p . m . on Saturdays , and 1-5 p . m . on Sundays . Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bobby Clue is proud of the work the 2019 Leadership Lake Cumberland Class has done in putting the ice rink together , and noted the cooperation between entities like Pulaski County Government and the City of Somerset in making this ice dream possible .
“ It ’ s an incredible exciting opportunity to have ice skating in the heart of downtown Somerset . The Judicial Center Plaza is going to be the place to be in the month of December ,” he said . “... We expect thousands of people to come out over the course of December to participate and have fun with the ice skating rink . This is wholesome , clean family fun right here , and an incredibly affordable opportunity to participate in something unique . Instead of going to Lexington and spending an inflated amount of money to go ice skating , you can do so for as little as $ 5 right in the middle of downtown Somerset .”
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