SEKY December 2021 - Page 24

By Carla Slavey Commonwealth Journal

Charities can help create magical Christmases around Pulaski

With Christmas around the corner , many folks ’ heads are filled with thoughts of finding gifts for everyone on their list and planning the perfect holiday meal for the family .
But many in this area don ’ t have the luxury of buying gifts or large meals – some may not even know where their next meal is

God ’ s Food Pantry

God ’ s Food Pantry Executive Director Brenda Russell is quick to point out that food insecurity happens year-round .
“ People aren ’ t just hungry on Thanksgiving and Christmas . It happens every single day of the year , three times a day ,” she points out .
So , too , does the need of teaching our next generation about giving exist yearround .
So even with Christmas around the corner , Russell asks parents and kids to consider checking in with the pantry to volunteer help at other times during the year .
“ If you want to teach your children kindness and compassion , get them involved on a regular basis ,” she said . That doesn ’ t mean they have to volunteer every single week , but Russell suggested taking a week out of their summer vacation to help hand out food .
While she admits she is hesitant not to accept volunteers when they offer , she said God ’ s Food Pantry usually has more help than it needs during the holiday season .
First off , Russell said the majority of the work in putting together Christmas meals is done with the help of the Office of
coming from .
That ’ s why many local charities and organizations plan special events around Christmas to give out presents to children or food for those in need . Here are three such organizations who have special events planned .
Brenda Russell , the executive director of God ’ s Food Pantry . l Photo by Carla Slavey 24 • SEKY - Life in Southeast Kentucky December 2021