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the path , ranging up to 104-feet-long to 16-feet-high .
Tickets will be bought at the gates . On weekdays , cost is $ 20 for a standard car , truck or SUV , and $ 35 for a passenger van or bus capable of holding a larger amount of people . Fridays through Sundays , those costs are $ 25 for the standard car , truck or SUV , and $ 40 for the passenger van or bus .
These aren ’ t the old light displays from past years — Burnside has gotten with the times , using more contemporary technology and LED lights that drastically help in saving the city money with allnew scenes .
But there ’ s another reason to call Crabtree Father Christmas -- he knows his Burnside Island history . Crabtree was gracious enough to assist Southeast Kentucky Magazine with unwrapping the history of Christmas Island in Burnside , making for a nostalgic trek into the past at a time when reflecting on fond memories may be more welcome than ever .
“ Julie Godby Hamilton , Laurie Bridges , and Tracy Moeller Cary were working together at the Tourist Commission here
prior to it being known as part of the county , or ( Somerset-Pulaski County Convention and Visitors Bureau ),” said Crabtree . “ Julie returned from another state and brought the idea back to our town . The concept of Christmas light
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