Seamless Localisation Framework (UK) - Page 3

This phase requires comprehensive access to business information , in addition to external research completed by the Seamless team .
Phase 2 : Sector Best Practice Seamless draws links between INGOX practices and practices throughout the rest of the sector . The nonprofit community is having to be increasingly innovative in its operating models in order to further their international objectives . This utilises secondary research and anecdotes in the comparison between INGOX and peers in the sector .
Phase 3 : Recommendations for Global Sustainable Footprint Combining Seamless ’ knowledge and expertise relating to the industry with findings from Phases
1 and 2 , Seamless creates a framework for better understanding existing risk and implementation strategy related to market entry . On a countryspecific level , Seamless can recommend a range of actions for INGOX ’ s structural improvement , including addressing specific compliance risk and establishing a fit-for-purpose structure based on current and future project funding opportunities .
Phase 4 : Application INGOX applies the recommendation , incorporating local expertise for each country office .
We recommend a timeline of twelve weeks to complete the consultancy . The timeline can vary depending on a range of contextual factors and events throughout the consultancy .
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