Seamless Localisation Framework (UK) - Page 2

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INGOX works on public health matters across dozens of international offices . The organisation receives both public and private funding in order to further its mission .
Recent shifts in localisation trends domestically and within the regulatory environments in foreign markets demands a more rigorous assessment of the operating and governance models is required both from a compliance and best practice perspective .
Seamless has significant experience in assessing different operating models and technical legal structures supporting the world ’ s leading nonprofits and leading research universities with these complex matters .

Scope , Nature and Timeline of Work

The Seamless team recommends a four-step approach for identifying the optimal operating model and structure for an organisation . This is a comprehensive process , ensuring that we first understand the mission and activities of the INGOX to ensure the organisation operates in a sustainable manner in both the immediate and long-term following Seamless ’ consultancy period .
Phase 1 : Data Collection The data collection phase is essential and consists of examining current activities , processes , sources of funds , and structures throughout an organisation . This entails an examination of all relevant functions within the organisation both at the head office and within the international offices . We conduct multiple workshops to understand more about the organisation , its current core functions , activity and future plans .
HQ Finance Workshop
• What legal entities and operating models does the organisation currently utilise ?
• How does cash flow between the entities ?
• What is the board structure of the entities ?
• Aside from entities , do you operate through partners , professional employer organizations or have any other international contractual agreements ?
HQ HR and Structural Workshop Individual country workshops assessing national operations
• Take place in all relevant country offices
• Involve senior management staff from both HQ and the country office
• Address questions related to benchmarking salaries and salary equity , benefits administration and local labor compliance .