SCORE Evaluation - Full Report - Page 30

Supporting Effective Teaching in Tennessee: Listening and Gathering Feedback on Tennessee’s Teacher Evaluations Recommendation 6 Integrate the ongoing implementation of the new teacher evaluation system and the Common Core State Standards so that they work together to improve student outcomes. 6(a)  s the Common Core State Standards are implemented, review and refine the qualitative observation instruA ments where appropriate to reflect the shifts in instruction necessitated by the Common Core State Standards. Ensure the quantitative measures align with the new expectations as well.69 We recommend: I.  he Board and Department refine the teacher evaluation system and approved models to reflect the shifts in T instruction that the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC assessments require. The Department should reduce redundancies and eliminate conflicts where appropriate to promote a common language among educators. Ultimately, the teacher evaluation system should reflect and reinforce the new standards. To this end, we encoura