SCORE Evaluation - Full Report | Page 42

Supporting Effective Teaching in Tennessee: Listening and Gathering Feedback on Tennessee’s Teacher Evaluations Educator Work Team Date Location Number of participants Input collected March 16 Nashville •  1 attendees of 22 confirmed invitations, representing 2 the 3 Grand Divisions • Work team discussions April 5 Nashville •  attendees of 22 confirmed invitations, representing 9 the 3 Grand Divisions • Work team discussions In-depth interviews with leaders on teacher evaluation systems in Tennessee and across the nation Date Participants Input collected TEAM: Feb 8, March 8, April 4 • Kevin Huffman, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Education • Emily Barton, Assistant Commissioner, Curriculum and Instruction, Tennessee Department of Education • Sara Heyburn, Assistant Commissioner, Teachers and Leaders, Tennessee Department of Education • Aneesh Sohoni, Director of Policy and Communications for Teacher and Principal Evaluations, Tennessee Department of Education • Interviews Project COACH: Feb 13 • Stacy Stewart, Assistant Superintendent, Hamilton County Schools • John Stewart, Program Manager, Project COACH • John Kim, CEO, District Management Council (DMC) • Garret Smith and Amy Sutherland, District Management Council (DMC) • Interview • “Hamilton County Department  of Education, Project COACH Evaluation Model 2011-2012 Fall Survey,” 107 administrators, 1,317 teachers , Fall ‘11 TIGER: Feb 27 • Wayne Miller, Superintendent, Lenoir City Schools • Interview TEM: Feb 28 • Tequilla Banks, Executive Director, Department of Teacher Talent and Effectiveness, Memphis City Schools • Ken Foster, Executive Director, Memphis Education Association • Interview •  February 2012, Memphis “ City Schools Teacher Survey Results,” 4,246 teachers • TEM: Key Messages and FAQs Interviews with national teacher evaluation leaders March 13 • Interview March 13 • Dan Weisberg, The New Teacher Project • Interview April 4 • Steve Cantrell, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Measures of Effective Teaching Project • Interview April 10 • Charlotte Danielson, Danielson Group • Interview May 1 40 • Amy Briggs and Katya Levitan-Reiner, Student Achievement Partners • Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford’s Center on School Redesign • Interview APPENDIX