SCORE Evaluation - Full Report | Page 33

Supporting Effective Teaching in Tennessee: Listening and Gathering Feedback on Tennessee’s Teacher Evaluations Conclusion SCORE has not been a disinterested observer of the teacher evaluation system. Research shows that effective teaching is the most important school based factor in improving student achievement. In SCORE’s 2009 Roadmap to Success report, SCORE recommended that Tennessee “develop, pilot, and roll out a statewide teacher effectiveness measure based on multiple measures including student achievement gains and potentially principal evaluations, peer review, and parent and student surveys.” This new evaluation system is an important part of ensuring that that effective teaching occurs in every classroom in Tennessee. As the first year of implementation of this new system comes to a close, there are significant and promising signs of progress. As with any implementation process, challenges and concerns have surfaced as well. The new evaluation system is nuanced and complex, because the art of teaching is nuanced and complex. Continued improvement, over time, is critical. After conducting this feedback process, we believe that Tennessee’s teacher evaluation policy is critical to fostering and supporting effective teaching in Tennessee and ultimately to improving student achievement. The system that Tennessee is implementing is improving the quality of teaching in the classroom and is supporting effective instruction in many districts. It is our hope that this report, and its recommendations, will help identify areas where continued improvements can be made moving forward. As refinements continue to be made and the system is fully implemented with fidelity, it will fully realize its potential to serve as a powerful platform for supporting inspired, high-quality instruction across the state and, therefore, gains in student achievement and growth. Finally, it has been our great pleasure to listen to and learn from educators and other stakeholders across Tennessee over the last five months. The work our teachers, principals, administrators, and other educators do to prepare students for the future is truly heroic. It is our hope that this report is both a broad reflection of the thoughts and opinions of these educators, as well as an investment in their profession. Conclusion 31