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BoardOnAir™ at the Club Ring IBM 314 in Padua ( left ) and the final steps of the installation by Frank Cadillac ( right )


illusions , who appreciated and understood the “ magical ” effect we wanted to create . After meeting him and discussing with him several times , the structure we wanted gradually emerged .
For the complex settings of the various devices we were assisted by the Office of Digital Learning and Multimedia , of the University of Padua , which passionately carried out the task . We can still remember the exciting moment when for the first time at their headquarters we finally managed to obtain the video signal we wanted through all the steps from the equipment at play .
Finally , Niccolò Mariconda fine-tuned the photographic settings in order to create the desired tones and colours .
After building the prototype , funded by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Padua , we trademarked the system BoardOnAir™ and assigned the rights for the marketing to the University of Padua spinoff Audioinnova . Specimens of BoardOnAir ” are now present in various Departments of the University .
3 . How to use BoardOnAir™
The advantage of BoardOnAir™ is that it immediately creates a complete , highly effective , high quality video . If what the teacher can write onto the blackboard is not enough , he can prepare a presentation in Power Point on a black background , imagining being present inside from the bust up , he then can insert an SD card into the recorder and start recording .
The video obtained is ready for immediate use without any post-production work . When the presenter is immersed inside graphs , tables and diagrams , the whole thing becomes alive and attractive , and can effectively and enthusiastically communicate the passion of those who have dedicated their lives to the magic world of numbers .
In addition to numerous video lessons and educational seminars in Engineering , Mathematics and Statistics , BoardOnAir™ has been used to create several MOOCs , including our Precalculus , Advanced Precalculus and Combinatorics , all accessible free of charge from all over the world on the prestigious platform FutureLearn .
BoardOnAir™ has also been used in various projects such as Raidmap ( by Prof . Bonollo ) involving colleagues who came specifically from Spain and Germany to use it .
During the first lockdown , BoardOnAir™ was the only working tool of the University of Padua as it made it possible to work in solitude and total autonomy , without any risk of infection . ■