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Even if you track that all the way back , you ’ re eventually going to realize that there had to be somebody that didn ’ t have a rule book . There had to be somebody that realized we don ’ t know the answer . We get so wrapped up in trying to learn all these facts and answers that we forget where those came from . Now it ’ s happening on a much larger scale and a much faster speed . Where people are uploading things , a computer that doesn ’ t know how to wonder or doubt is regurgitating those answers back to the next user . The scariest part about it is even if you ’ re an individual that can spot the website you clicked on is wrong , it ’ s too late . You ’ ve already clicked on it . So , you already made it that much more popular .
l & T Today : Through your different projects , what message do you most want to send to the next generation of innovators ?
I ’ m speaking in Berlin for Education First to talk about the influence of technology on society . We ’ re globally going to start talking about the internet . Where it can actually undermine your ability to be creative . Because you assume it knows more than you do . Rightfully so , you can say that it has more information than you do . But it can ’ t ask a question . It ’ s more important that we know the computer can ’ t ask a question , that it ’ s only as good as we are . It ’ s important for a kid to realize that they were born as a question generating machine .
It ’ s very important for me to try to promote wonder on a massive scale and the importance of that thought process to everyone . Science is a way of thinking . So , you don ’ t really have to be in a lab coat to think logically . But at the same time , you do have to know that you are capable of asking a question that no one ’ s ever thought of before . My biggest concern right now is getting kids to see beyond the answers in the age of information . But in that process , I ’ m trying to remind people that it ’ s wonder that changes the world . And you were born with that ability . ■
Jason Latimer is a World Champion magician and distinguished scientist known for his work on Houdini ( 2014 ), The Magicians ( 2011 ), Wizard Wars ( 2014-2015 ) and SciJinks ( 2018 ).

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As a magician , Jason is the series champion of the BBC One ’ s The Magicians , the recipient of Siegfried & Roy ’ s Masters of the Impossible Award , and was bestowed with magic ’ s highest honor , Grand Prix ‘ Best Overall ’ World Champion of Magic . As a scientist , Jason is the creator of Impossible Science , the academic platform uniting magic and science to inspire wonder in education . Latimer is the Curator of Impossible Science of the iconic Fleet Science Center in San Diego , CA but his STEM program has expanded to science centers throughout Southern California . Recently , Engineering and Latimer launched the Impossible Science Student Challenge , a competition of thousands of participating schools across the US and Canada to find the classroom doing the most to inspire curiosity within Science , Technology , Engineering , and Mathematics .