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“ The right question changes everything ”

Because it ’ s too busy shoveling answers .

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The easiest way to explain why we ’ re doing what we ’ re doing with the museums is , if we know that the right question changes everything , and we know that that ’ s how we ’ re going to find our next advancement is getting new questions , then you must ask yourself , “ Why isn ’ t there an academic platform designed to inspire wonder ? Why haven ’ t we done that ? Why haven ’ t we taught kids how to ask better questions ?” https :// youtu . be / dKLhJGeSOrg
That ’ s really where this all started - we need wonder in the age of information , and we know wonder changes the world . So , the real question is , why are we not teaching it ? We get so wrapped up in what we know that we forget that there ’ s never been a rule book . It ’ s just what we ’ ve learned so far . It ’ s embarrassing for a teacher to come to that term to realize we really don ’ t know everything . But the reality is the day before Einstein discovered E = mc2 , it had to be available . It had to be available the day before he knew about it . That means there ’ s probably a lot of other stuff out there that we don ’ t know about .
l & T Today : You ’ ve been talking about the power of asking questions . What exactly do you mean by that ?
JL : The concept of flight was impossible until someone asked the question about lift . A cure to a disease is impossible until somebody asks the right question that no one thought of before . So , it ’ s this ability to believe in an answer that doesn ’ t exist yet . We may not know everything . To come to terms with that and to realize that no one actually knows what ’ s ultimately possible .