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come to you . These are the “ AHA ” ideas , breakthroughs that require “ thinking outside of the box .” They are the most valuable because they open new doors in your mind and get stored in your subconscious for later use . I believe the more ideas and “ outside the box ” solutions to problems you are exposed to , the more creative you will become .
Magic is full of “ AHA ” ideas and principles . Studying magic supplies your subconscious with much food for thought and later use , and performing magic allows you to put these “ AHA ” ideas to use .
“ Blind Spots ”
This true story has a big blind spot like the question previously asked about how many 9 ’ s appear in the numbers from 1 to 100 . During World War II , the Statistical Research Group at Columbia University was the most extraordinary group of mathematicians and statisticians ever organized at that time . They worked closely with the military to solve problems . For example , the loading order of ammunition on planes was worked out by the group . Because many planes were being shot down , the military wanted to find a way to reinforce the planes . When bombers returned from missions , many would be covered with bullet holes . The bullet holes were not evenly distributed around the plane , but were concentrated on the fuselage and wings , almost twice as much as places like the engines .
Mark Setteducati is a magician and inventor of magic , games , and puzzles . He has been issued 19 US Patents and over 50 of his creations have been marketed by companies worldwide . He is the author of “ The Magic Show ,” an interactive book that performs magic . In 2014 , the Academy of Magical Arts awarded him a Creative Fellowship and lifetime membership to the Magic Castle , Hollywood , California .
The group came to the obvious conclusion that they needed to reinforce the fuselage and wings with armor because these areas were taking the most fire . Exactly how much more armor should be added to those parts of the plane ? You need to be precise as to not add too much additional weight that might affect the balance of the flight or other factors that need to be considered .
Hungarian born Abraham Wald worked with the group and was asked to figure out the calculations . Wald told the group they were completely

70 wrong in their observations about the bullet holes being mainly on the fuselage and wings , and that the bullet holes were in fact evenly distributed all over the planes , including the engines , fuselages , wings , and the entire aircraft . How could Wald defy the obvious evidence that all these smart mathematicians observed ? What blind spot did he see that the other geniuses missed ?

Although Wald was not a magician , he was thinking like a one . Wald was looking at the invisible . The armor , said Wald , doesn ’ t go where the bullet holes are . It goes where the bullet holes are not – which is on the engines . But why ?
Bullets holes were not found on areas like the engines because those planes were shot down and did not return home ! The planes that had many bullet holes on the fuselage and wings proved that these were not the weak areas because they made it home without being shot down .
Wow ! This is a real “ AHA ” idea ! Imagine how useful it is to have hundreds of these “ outside the box ” ideas stored in your subconscious . Whether you are a scientist , magician , or just an ordinary person , it will make you more creative . I know it has for me . ■