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15 fight the moment or treat it as a puzzle to be figured out will get what they pay for … non-astonishment .

There is a genuine difference in the quality of people ’ s experience of magic once they understand the new model and take responsibility for the moment . I ’ ve had the participants who “ get it ” trying to explain it to those who don ’ t . One astonishee said it was like the difference of tossing down a beer and savoring a fine wine . Someone else referred to it as “ gourmet astonishment .”
This model reshapes the perceptions of people who feel “ I was astonished but I know it was just a trick , so what I experienced couldn ’ t have been real or very valuable .” Because now it ’ s understood that the astonishment and the tricks are not the same thing . The astonishment is real . It ’ s a brief flash of our natural state of mind .
A place we should all experience more often .
The tricks are helpful tools to help unleash the moment .
You and your astonishee can still have fun and tell jokes and play together , but now there ’ s an understandable therapeutic value to the game . A definite win for all players .
In a nutshell : You ’ re using magical illusions to dissolve cultural illusions in order to experience a moment of something real .
So now it ’ s up to you . This is not something that can be mass-produced and stuffed into a vinyl packet-trick wallet . This will take everything you ’ ve learned about how people ’ s perceptions and illusions interact and then some . You may even want to stop performing for awhile to break free of old patterns .
Until then , even if magic is just your way to relax and have fun ( which is a profoundly worthwhile goal in itself ), there are still a few things you can do to help create this new game . If the situation is right , let your audience know that the moment of astonishment is a quick flash of their natural state of mind . Tricks are tools .
Astonishment is real . You ’ re just helping them unleash the moment .
Some people will instantly relate to this , while others will make funny faces . But if this one idea gets out and takes hold , it could dramatically transform people ’ s perceptions of magic and magicians … quickening the evolution of the art .
A bigger challenge is to train yourself not to step on the moment . I ’ m still working on it myself . When you hit that real white-light moment of pure astonishment , don ’ t tell a joke or apologize or hurry on to the next trick . Resist the urge to run away from the fire you ’ ve worked so hard to build .