Science Wows Pancake Science Magazine | Page 2

Hello and Welcome! I hope you like this, first, Science Wows mini Magazine... where we take a look at the science behind one of our favourite foods... pancakes! Find out who made the first pancakes, or the perfect formula for flipping a pancake. It is all here, along with puzzles, printables, videos and recipes... so you can join in... all in the name of Science! Naomi Enjoy, How to get around... Are you a jump right in kind of person? If so just open any page and get started; Or maybe you like to follow a certain plan, beginning to end, kind of thing... that’s OK too, you can use the contents page to ‘map’ out your journey. Dr. Simple is here too, you might have met him before on the blog, where he likes to answer your questions in thirty seconds of science! You can find him within these pages, he has some great facts, challenges and even some recipes to share. He has a reputation for being a bit geeky (we are all geeks around here) but don’t let the facade fool you! Dr. Simple will do anything for science and he seems to have really gotten into the spirit of things in this magazine, is that a toga I see on page 3? There is also a code... because who doesn’t like a bit of colour coding to show you what’s-what; There are lots of subjects covered in this magazine, so we colour coded them; just look out for the coloured blobs and find your way around your favourite subjects. h m b c p bo history maths biology chemistry physics botany a astronomy z zoology