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ON TOPIC On the Fringe: SciArt in New York By Julia Buntaine & Ashley P. Taylor Editor-in-Chief & Managing Editor The logo of this magazine is a Venn diagram that represents the worlds of art and science as two intersecting circles. The overlap is where SciArt resides along with other kinds of crosstalk between artists, scientists, and their practices. SciArt could never be called science, and is at the end of the day Art. Despite that, its public affiliation with science is the stronger of the two: SciArt is more likely to be displayed in science museums, universities, or conferences than in galleries and art museums. “The challenge for SciArt is to have some resonance outside of that little intersection,” said artist Jonathan Feldschuh, a painter whose work often explores themes from physics, in reference to the Venn diagram. “What I’m interested in doing as an artist is to make art that resonates in the larger art community, not just with people who are interested in art and science.” We decided to investigate how SciArt fits into the larger art world. Although