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All images courtesy of Grunwald Gallery. obviously, for artists and scientists at this level to take significant amounts of time to collaborate with people from such seemingly different fields of inquiry. Somewhere over the past few hundred years lines started to appear between disciplines and especially between the arts and sciences, as all our disciplines became so much more specialized. We are fortunate to be at an institution like Indiana University where it is possible for artists to find kindred spirits working in the sciences and vice versa. I think we all managed to make good art together.” SciArt in America December 2013 "Imag(in)ing Science" was held from August 30th through October 11th, 2013. Artists/Scientists teams: Caleb Weintraub/Jim Powers Jeffrey Wolin/Andrew Lumsdaine James Nakagawa/Michael Hamburger Arthur Liou/Jim Powers/Alex Straiker Margaret Dolinsky/Roger Hangarter Rowland Ricketts/Roger Hangarter/Jim Powers 41